Irrigation Efficiency Program Frequently Asked Questions

Irrigation Efficiency Program Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in this program?

Answer – Producers who have an irrigated agricultural operation in Alberta and have completed a Long-Term Irrigation Management Plan can participate.

How are costs shared with producers?

Answer – Producers will be reimbursed for 40% of eligible costs for approved projects, to a maximum of $5000.

How many grant payments may producers receive?

Answer – A producer who is eligible to receive funding may obtain only one grant payment from this five-year program.

What costs are eligible for reimbursement?

Answer – Eligible costs include:

Purchase and installation of new low-pressure centre pivot (LPCP) irrigation equipment

Upgrades of high pressure centre pivot systems to LPCP systems

Pump modifications as part of an LPCP upgrade

Upgrades of existing LPCP systems with high-efficiency nozzles

Variable-rate irrigation system components (controllers and software)

Upgrades of centre pivot control panels

What types of sprinkler nozzles are currently considered high-efficiency nozzles?

Answer – Senninger i-Wob, Nelson Orbitor, and Nelson R3000 Rotator sprinkler nozzles.

When must equipment have been purchased to be eligible for this program?

Answer – Eligible equipment must be purchased after April 1, 2013, and must be operational within six months after an application is approved. A field inspection will be completed to verify installation of the equipment.

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