Livestock Welfare Processor Program FAQs

Livestock Welfare Processor Program FAQs

This program helps meat processors to improve animal handling and ensure humane slaughter at provincially or federally licensed meat and poultry facilities. This activity supports the growth and sustainability of Alberta’s livestock industry and contributes to a stable, socially acceptable business environment.

The Growing Forward 2 (GF2) Livestock Welfare Processor Program helps the industry in three key areas:

Increased market competitiveness: A commitment to humane standards and new technologies that improve animal welfare will support the industry’s long-term growth.

Enhanced profitability for processors: The program helps processors adopt new or improved animal welfare production practices that result in better quality meat and stronger profits.

Continued public confidence in Alberta’s livestock sector: When Alberta processors address public concern about the care and handling of animals during slaughter, the livestock industry as a whole benefits.

How are costs shared?

The Livestock Welfare Processor Program shares costs with Alberta’s red meat and poultry industries as follows:

Up to 80 % of the cost of humane stunning equipment, subject to a maximum amount per applicant.

Up to 50% of the cost to improve handling equipment and systems, subject to a maximum amount per applicant.

Up to 50% of the cost of staff training and education, costs related to, assessments and planning for new livestock welfare practices, initial system audits and consulting fees by independent industry advisors subject to a maximum amount per applicant.

Who can participate?

Processors that are licensed and operating in Alberta’s red meat and poultry industries, including mobile processors.

How do you start?

Follow the steps in the application process:

Determine whether you are eligible

Refer to the Livestock Welfare Processor Program’s Terms and Conditions at

Ensure that the project activities are eligible.

Eligible activities are listed in the program’s Terms and Conditions.

Complete the Application Form Parts A & B

Once completed, email your application and supporting documents to or by mail to:

Growing Forward 2 Livestock Welfare Programs

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Animal Health and Assurance Division

J. G. O’Donoghue Building

308, 7000-113 Street

Edmonton, Alberta

T6H 5T6

You will be contacted to schedule a facility gap assessment that will be used to complete a work plan in consultation with an ARD program personnel.

If you have questions about the application process, please email: or call toll free 310-FARM

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