On-Farm Solar Photovoltaics Program FAQs

On-Farm Solar Photovoltaics Program FAQs

Are leased systems eligible?

No – leased equipment is not eligible in either the On-Farm Energy Management Program or the On-Farm Solar PV Program. The incentive is intended to alleviate up-front capital costs. (see Terms and Conditions 2.5.1a)

What if my contractor is not listed on the Solar Energy Society of Alberta (SESA) web site?

Contractors should contact SESA at office@solaralberta.ca to inquire about being included on the list.

Is my project still eligible if it has received funding from another program or initiative?

Yes, but total funding from all government sources must not exceed 100% of the project cost. (see Terms and Conditions 5.3 and 6.4)

Am I eligible if there are non-agricultural power loads on my utility service?

To be eligible, the majority of the service’s delivered energy (in kWh) must be to agricultural inputs (i.e. commodities that are part of the human food supply chain). (see Terms and Conditions 2.3.6a)

Where do I get a Program-approved energy assessment?

Consult the Program web page for a list of Assessment Providers.

Who is responsible for the approvals and licences required to set up the MG system? (2.3.9)

The applicant and the contractor are solely responsible for obtaining any necessary permits, licences, and approvals needed for the construction and connection of the project. The contractor must also alert the Investor Owned Utilities as to the location and sizes of these MG systems.

How long is the “project term” after the application has been approved and received by the applicant?

The Project Term is the six month period of time after the application has been approved. (see Terms and Conditions 2.3.6 and 1.17)

Can we email or fax in applications? Or do they all have to be delivered through the postal services?

All applications must be delivered by mail or in person to the program office. Address is referenced in the Terms and Conditions page, section 3.3. No applications by email or fax.

Are existing systems eligible?

The program is retroactive back to April 2013 for existing systems. The program is first come first served, and retroactivity is subject to change.

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