When we talk about the new Growing Forward 2 agreement, the word “innovation” immediately springs to mind.

AgriBusiness Forward - Fall 2013


One of the central focuses of Alberta’s Growing Forward 2 programs is to encourage new ideas that will help our province’s agriculture industry reach its full potential. That’s why we are making significant investments in programs that support research, technology, market development, environmental stewardship and new business innovations.


Innovation is pivotal to Alberta’s ongoing success in the competitive global marketplace.

It’s about doing things smarter and better.

It’s about making sure our agriculture sector continues to adapt and evolve, so that it is well-positioned to take advantage of new market opportunities or overcome challenges.


Here in Alberta, there are many examples of how our producers and agri-food businesses are taking agriculture to the next level - whether it is adopting new farming methods to protect the land, looking for ways to use agricultural waste as a renewable energy source, or putting new technology to use to enhance efficiency and safety in our food-processing operations.


One story I love to share is about a new smartphone app that is helping find lost cattle in southern Alberta. Gone are the days when ranchers have to be out riding their horses scouring the horizon for their wayward cows. Thanks to tagging, GPS and smart phones, those rogue animals will always be tracked and sent home.


Innovation also applies to how we are sharing information with you.

The Growing Forward Branch is continuously improving its website so it will be easier for you to see at a glance which programs are accepting applications, how to best apply and what’s new. The redesign includes a subscription service, if you activate it, the website will notify you when there’s been a change to the pages you’re interested in.


It’s our way of coming to you, instead of you coming to us.

Growing Forward 2 was designed to serve as a catalyst for the innovative spirit of our producers and our agriculture entrepreneurs, who are among the best in the world. Over the next five years, I look forward to sharing more success stories about how our agriculture sector continues to shine on the world stage.


Verlyn Olson, Q.C., Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

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